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Last Updated (Tuesday, 03 March 2009 19:18)Written by AdministratorFriday, 06 October 2006 21:27

Here you can find or submit php, perl and shell scripts and our well known formmailer for your website. This formmailer is easy to adapt and written for php4 and php5. You can download 2 different versions (version 2 oop).

We will publish in the next months our scripts for managing unix and linux systems. Some of them are very useful, other perhaps not, but you will find some interesting snippets.

The next project is cacti, so you will find some automated cacti installation scripts for the commandline.

We need always a little bit longer for publishing, cause we must adapt the scripts for usage in other environments. The scripts are always tested and they should work fine but you should check the scripts always in a test environment. The scripts are published under GNU/GPL.

This site will grow each day!!! We hope you will find what you are searching for. If you don`t find it, try to come back later write me a short mail or post to our forum.

Note: For all script(joomlahacking)kiddies... Be careful, we´re watchin you ;)